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What is this site?

  • This website is Hornbill's new product documentation website and is currently under development.
  • It is intended that all existing and future public-facing documentation we produce will be available to search, browse and share.
  • Hornbill's current documentation is available at Hornbill Wiki but over time this content will be migrated to this documentation site.
  • Please feel free to have a look around at any time.

Why has Hornbill created this site?

  • Hornbill's products have moved on considerably since we introduced it almost 10 years ago. At the time, the MediaWiki tool was sufficient, but we have outgrown it.
  • Our customers are more enterprise focused and more self-sufficient than ever before, so for 2023 and beyond we have established a new documentation platform and team to drive our documentation initiative forwards.
  • We are aiming to deprecate the use of Hornbill Wiki for most Hornbill related documentation.
  • We want to enable our growing partner network with product resources and information, documentation beyond our Wiki approach is required.
  • We could definitely do with some help, and may even pay for some! If you have domain knowledge and would like to help, please check out our Hornbill Docs Contributor Guide and contact the Hornbill docs team at

What will this site be good for?

  • Community contribution will be facilitated, encouraged, and most welcome.
  • High quality documentation, will be kept up to date as rapidly as our products evolve.
  • Real-time content search and discovery.
  • Articles organized into books, books into libraries, creating a more natural and logical structure to our documentation.
  • Legacy API documentation and various other documentation sources will all be consolidated into a single unified documentation system.
  • Documentation available in browser as well as printable/viewable as PDF on demand.
  • Personalized documentation experience, allowing dark/light mode, article subscriptions, social media sharing and other useful features.
  • Almost all publicly available documentation on will be open-source and available to fork on GitHub, allowing customers to derive their own custom documentation around Hornbill products should they wish to.

What is the timeline for this site?

  • We have taken the decision to publish and make available early, there is very little content at this time.
  • As and when we have completed/usable documentation, it will be published here.
  • We have a host of additional features we wish to add over time, so please watch this space.
  • We expect most of our existing documentation should be reviewed/migrated to over the coming months.
  • The documentation project will be ongoing, will continue to expand, evolve and improve day-by-day.

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Workflow Orchestration

The Hornbill platform boasts a powerful industry-leading workflow automation system equipped with an intuitive graphical design environment. This environment has been purposefully designed to cater to business process designers, regardless of their technical background or experience. Our focus is on simplifying the process of streamlining business operations. With Hornbill, non-technical users can effortlessly design complex workflows that seamlessly merge human tasks, system interactions, and IT automation, encompassing both cloud-based and on-premises systems. If you can visualize and articulate your business processes verbally or on paper, then you can fully automate those workflows in Hornbill

No Code Workflow Design: Hornbill’s workflow design environment prioritizes ease of use, with no coding required, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. You don’t need advanced coding skills to design and implement workflows effectively.

Streamlining Business Processes: Our platform is specifically geared towards simplifying and optimizing business processes. Whether you’re automating approvals, task assignments, or intricate multi-step operations, Hornbill empowers non-technical business process designers to enhance organizational efficiency.

Managing Complexity with Ease: Hornbill’s workflows are designed to handle complex tasks and processes with simplicity. You can orchestrate human tasks, integrate different software systems, and automate IT processes without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

Cross-System Integration: Our workflow system seamlessly connects cloud-based and on-premises systems, ensuring that your workflows can span various environments. This flexibility enables you to automate processes regardless of where your data resides.

Balancing Human and Automated Tasks: Hornbill’s workflows seamlessly blend human interactions with automated tasks, creating a harmonious workflow orchestration for your business processes. This means you can automate routine processes while maintaining human involvement where it’s most valuable.

Adaptable and Scalable: Hornbill’s workflow system is adaptable to changing needs. As your organization evolves, you can easily modify and scale workflows to maintain optimal operational efficiency, all without requiring technical expertise.

In essence, Hornbill empowers non-technical business process designers to simplify and enhance their workflows efficiently. Whether you’re managing human tasks, integrating systems, or automating complex processes, our platform equips you with the tools and simplicity needed to succeed in streamlining business operations.


No Code Workflow Automation Benefits

Using Hornbill to automate your workflows offers numerous business benefits compared to manually processed workflows, or using systems that require a lot of coding and programming to meet your workflow and automation needs.

Here are some of the key business benefits:

Benefit Description
Accessibility and User-Friendliness Hornbill’s no-code approach make automation accessible to users with limited coding skills, democratizing the process and reducing IT dependency. General workflow automation streamlines processes for increased efficiency.
Speed of Implementation Hornbill’s no-code workflow tools enable rapid development and deployment of workflows, allowing businesses to respond swiftly to changing needs. General automation reduces time spent on manual tasks, boosting overall productivity.
Flexibility and Integration Hornbill’s pre-built integrations and templates, making it easy to connect with various applications and services. General automation provides deep integration possibilities, enhancing flexibility.
Cost Efficiency Hornbill automation minimizes the need for expensive developers, leading to cost savings. General automation reduces labor costs associated with manual tasks and reallocates resources strategically.
Accuracy and Compliance No-Code Workflow and Automation in Hornbill ensure consistent and accurate execution of tasks, reducing the risk of human errors. They can also enforce compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies.
Faster Decision-Making Automated workflows, whether no-code or general, enable faster decision-making by routing tasks and approvals automatically, reducing delays in critical processes.
Visibility and Monitoring Hornbill workflow provides real-time visibility into process status, facilitating monitoring and identification of bottlenecks or areas for improvement.
Scalability and Growth Automated workflows can easily scale to handle increased workloads, supporting business growth and lowering operational friction.
Customer and Employee Satisfaction Hornbill’s automation improves employee and customer satisfaction through faster responses and increased accuracy. Additionally, employees benefit from reduced repetitive tasks, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.
Data-Driven Insights Hornbill generates valuable data for process analysis, providing insights into efficiency and optimization opportunities. This data informs strategic decision-making.
Competitive Advantage Hornbill’s workflow automation helps companies become more efficient, agile, and responsive to ever-changing needs, giving them a competitive edge in delivering better products and services.
Adaptability Hornbill workflow easily facilitates adjustments to your processes that accommodate changing business needs and evolving processes, ensuring adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

In summary, with Hornbills no-code workflow automation, organizations can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved accuracy, and better overall business agility. The choice between the two depends on specific technical requirements and the skillset of the users involved.

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