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What is this site?

  • This website is Hornbill's new product documentation website and is currently under development.
  • It is intended that all existing and future public-facing documentation we produce will be available to search, browse and share.
  • Hornbill's current documentation is available at Hornbill Wiki but over time this content will be migrated to this documentation site.
  • Please feel free to have a look around at any time.

Why has Hornbill created this site?

  • Hornbill's products have moved on considerably since we introduced it almost 10 years ago. At the time, the MediaWiki tool was sufficient, but we have outgrown it.
  • Our customers are more enterprise focused and more self-sufficient than ever before, so for 2023 and beyond we have established a new documentation platform and team to drive our documentation initiative forwards.
  • We are aiming to deprecate the use of Hornbill Wiki for most Hornbill related documentation.
  • We want to enable our growing partner network with product resources and information, documentation beyond our Wiki approach is required.
  • We could definitely do with some help, and may even pay for some! If you have domain knowledge and would like to help, please check out our Hornbill Docs Contributor Guide and contact the Hornbill docs team at

What will this site be good for?

  • Community contribution will be facilitated, encouraged, and most welcome.
  • High quality documentation, will be kept up to date as rapidly as our products evolve.
  • Real-time content search and discovery.
  • Articles organized into books, books into libraries, creating a more natural and logical structure to our documentation.
  • Legacy API documentation and various other documentation sources will all be consolidated into a single unified documentation system.
  • Documentation available in browser as well as printable/viewable as PDF on demand.
  • Personalized documentation experience, allowing dark/light mode, article subscriptions, social media sharing and other useful features.
  • Almost all publicly available documentation on will be open-source and available to fork on GitHub, allowing customers to derive their own custom documentation around Hornbill products should they wish to.

What is the timeline for this site?

  • We have taken the decision to publish and make available early, there is very little content at this time.
  • As and when we have completed/usable documentation, it will be published here.
  • We have a host of additional features we wish to add over time, so please watch this space.
  • We expect most of our existing documentation should be reviewed/migrated to over the coming months.
  • The documentation project will be ongoing, will continue to expand, evolve and improve day-by-day.

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/ admin / userGetInfo


Invoke this operation to obtain user properties for the specified user.

API Details

  • Status:
  • The required privilege level to invoke this method is user
  • The supported database role for this method is slave
System Rights Database Rights Mail Rights Calendar Rights
--- --- ---

Request Parameters

The userGetInfo method takes the following input parameters. It is important to note that the parameters must be passed to the method in the same order as they appear here in order to satisfy the requirement of the input validation checks.

Name Type Attributes Description
userId accountIdType Optional The ID of the user. You must specifiy this or accountSelector
accountSelector userAccountSelectType Optional The account selector. You must specifiy this or userId
wantExtendedUserProfile xs:boolean Optional
Set this to true if you want to return the extended user profile information. This will only work for full system user accounts.

Response Parameters

Name Type Attributes Description
userId xs:string Required The unique login ID for this account (this is the primary key)
loginId loginIdType Required The login ID for this user account
employeeId accountIdType Required The Employee ID for this user account
userType accountUserType Required The type of user, either ‘user’ or ‘basic’ or ‘msp’.
nonUserAccount xs:boolean Optional If set to ‘true’ the account will not be visible in user browse/search lists.
enable2fa twofaMethodType Optional The two-factor authentication method used when logging in via Hornbill Direct Login.
name nameType Required The display name of the user.
firstName nameType Optional The first name of the user.
lastName xs:string Optional The last name of the user.
jobTitle xs:string Optional The job title of the user.
homeOrganization groupIdType Optional The home organization of the user.
site xs:string Optional The site this user is based at.
phone xs:string Optional The direct dial telephone number for the user.
email rfc822AddressType Optional The email for the user.
mobile xs:string Optional The cell phone number for the user (used for SMS notification).
availabilityStatus numberType Required The availability status currently set for this user.
availabilityStatusTime xs:dateTime Optional The date/time the availability status was set.
absenceMessage xs:string Optional The absence message for this user.
timeZone xs:string Optional The default Time Zone applied to this user. If you want to get a list of timezones, please see the time::getTimezoneList.
language xs:language Optional The assigned language of the user.
dateTimeFormat xs:string Optional The default date/time format of the user.
dateFormat xs:string Optional The default date format of the user.
timeFormat xs:string Optional The default time format of the user.
currencySymbol xs:string Optional The default currency symbol to use.
countryCode countryCodeType Optional The default country code of the user.
lastLogonTime xs:dateTime Optional The last logon time for the user.
lastKnownLocation geoLocationType Optional The location information for the user.
notifyEmail xs:boolean Optional Indicates notifications to this users e-mail address are enabled/disabled.
notifyTextMessage xs:boolean Optional Indicated notifications to this users mobile phone via SMS text messages are enabled/disabled.
onlineStatus onlineStatusType Optional The online status of a user.
accountStatus accountStatusType Required The status of the specified user.
imageReference xs:string Optional A reference to the profile image associated with this account.
createdOn xs:dateTime Required The date/time this user account was created.
createdBy xs:string Required The person who created this user account.
lastUpdatedOn xs:dateTime Optional The last time this user account was updated.
lastUpdatedBy xs:string Optional The person who last updated this user account.
userProfile userExtendedProfileData Optional If a full user and extended profile information was requested, this property will contain the extended user profile properties.
securityOptions userAccountSecurityOptionsType Optional Security options applied to this account.
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